Lodevole Brand


Everything that we do is centered on making you look and feel your best. Right down to our very brand name 'Lodevole', an Italian word that means “Praiseworthy.” You are praiseworthy. You should look your best day in, and day out. And we believe that we are the fashion brand to make that happen.

Launched in 2019, right from the start we used our insight as designers to create a place where you can shop for outfits and shoes that represent unique style. Our goal was to start a store that made it easy to shop and buy the perfect outfit that is unique to each person's style. By creating a seamless selection and click and purchase options, we’re transforming the way people shop for fashion.



Each item in the Lodevole collection is handpicked by our staff and made in Europe. Inspired by Italian, British and European style, we have curated a collection that’s finely tuned to the hottest suits, shoes, and accessories in the fashion niche. You won’t find boring outfits & shoes in our selection.

In fact, no other brand carries the same color, patterns, styles and color combination as Lodevole. From lush cotton trousers to sophisticated three-piece suits, each design is wholly unique. We also use the finest material compositions including warm wool, breathable linen, and stylish viscose. Our shoes also consist of superior materials including leather and suede. From three piece and two piece suits to individual trousers, shirts, and dress shoes, we have everything you need to look your best.



From the moment you slide on our shoes or place your arm in one of our jackets, you’ll know there is something different about Lodevole. Sophistication and fashion should never be boring. It should make you feel like the best version of yourself. That’s the experience you can expect when you shop at Lodevole.

Not only do we provide a curated, hand-picked collection, but we also offer you advice on the best way to pair and wear each item. Wonder no more about which shoes go best with what outfit. Let us handle that for you.

Our team also strives to make the browsing and buying experience as simple as possible by offering free shipping on any item purchased and a free 30 day return policy. Enjoy a luxurious and hassle-free experience when you shop with us.


We are dedicated to helping people dress their best while staying fashionable, through our unique platform.